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About US

Tiffany has had a love for cooking and baking from a very young age and the arts. Taking after her grandfather, the family baker, she began cooking, baking and experimenting with different ingredients in the kitchen as a young child. She enjoyed baking a variety of dishes and baked goods for church and family. Nothing made her happier than to see the looks on the faces of those that tasted her homemade cookies or being presented with a homemade cake. She routinely baked old-fashioned pound cakes, cookies and cheesecakes as a weekly treat for coworkers on birthdays and holidays, and was encouraged by both family and friends to turn her homemade cookies, cheesecakes and cakes into a business.

Since baking is her passion, she takes pride to ensure that every dessert created is appealing in every way, taste, look and even smell! When joined by her husband, personal chef and business partner Rodney, they found that they could take their love for the culinary arts to another level, combining his "out of the box" and creative ideas along with her homemade tried and true recipes, old fashioned style of baking as well as her creative and artistic nature, T&R's Cakes was created.


All it takes is ONE bite, and you'll be addicted!


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