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It's Time to Step it Up
Great News...We're Back on Track!
The Sweet, Sweet Potato...
Banana Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting
Cheesecakes for Today...


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It's Time to Step it Up

I've been thinking about this for a very, VERY long time and in my baking history which begins back in 2000, it was a fleeting thought to actually turn my cakes, cookies and other desserts to a business.  Having done so, the last few years have truly been an eye opener to say the least and now, we think its time to step it up.  We've heard a lot from our customers and thought about this in a bit of detail, and what we are hearing most from our customers is that if we "build it", they will come!

Great News...We're Back on Track!

After an unfortunate few months of inactivity due to our website being down since December, we were unable to continue our special ingredient blogging, so it's great to be back.  Just posted our last blog from December...better late than never and now we will start back up soon taking a special ingredient and creating something new and special so, stay tuned! In the meantime, if you'd like to see any specific ingredient to add to our list, please let us know! Can't wait to hear from you!

Cheesecakes for Today...

Okay, so yesterday, in the midst of the banana cupcake brainstorming session, we got an order for a whole batch of cheesecakes for my sweetheart's office Thanksgiving party.  So I did a mix of 4 types of cheesecake, since I always like to include my favorites, chocolate chip cookie bottom and mixed berry with a white chip cookie bottom, but I also included some lemon and strawberry cheesecakes, which are VERY popular flavors with lemon in the lead.  I know that most people like the taste of the canned lemon or other fruit fillings, (and I'm totally not knocking those either, because they definitely come in handy in the past) but it's amazing to taste the difference in flavor when you make it from's the fresh taste that gives the cheesecakes the "cherry on top".

It's Been A Very Long Time...

I deeply apologize for taking so long since the last time I blogged, it's just something hadn't been used to doing in this way.  Now, since I've lost my full time job with the state government, (due to trying to care of myself, my mom, son and fiancé), I think I need to delve a little deeper into baking, after all, it's what I love most to do.  Things had to slow down a bit with our business unfortunately after my fiance (and business partner) injured his leg, having to have 2 surgeries since May, and he's just now up and walking on his own.

T&R Cakes Upcoming Changes

We're really excited about the changes that we will be making within the next few months!!  In order to be able to accommodate more of our customers, we are pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2013, we will begin accepting all dessert orders not only via email, but also by phone and fax during the day, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are also working on a delivery system in order to bring your freshly baked orders directly to your place of work, school or other event between specific hours during the day, within a 30 mile radius from our location.  Orders can be placed at least 1 week in advance for cookies, cakes or cheesecakes and specialty orders must be placed at least 2 - 3 weeks in advance to ensure that we can provide you with our baking services on the date of your event.  Full payment is expected at the time of your order, either by credit card over the phone or online by using Paypal. A partial payment of at least 30% or $30.00 down is due on specialty cake orders at the time of your order and the remaining balance is due upon delivery by cash, check or credit card.  As always, we appreciate your business and support, and look forward to baking for you!!!!!

New & Updated Website

We've received some requests to see more of our cake pictures on our site, especially for those who don't use Facebook. So we are currently making changes to update our site and excited to publish them on tomorrow night, along with our Mother's Day specials and our newest addition...our Easter Basket Cakes!!

Busy week...

This week we are booked up through February 3rd with orders and the Live Your Best Life Craft Show and Open House event in Annapolis, Maryland on February 2nd!!  We are also Looking forward to choosing the winner on Friday of the Superbowl cake for their Superbowl Party!!

In Appreciation...

We would like to share our appreciation and many thanks for our regular customers and the referred customers we've been receiving.  Some of our customers have been asking us about adult themed (alcohol-infused) cupcakes and we'd like to oblige our adult audience with a few popular drink Cocktail Cupcakes. We will also be working on some Kiddie Cupcakes as well for our customer's little ones, so keep an eye out for those in the very near future.  Thanks again for believing in us!!

First Blog...We're Excited!!

Wow...we are very excited, to say the least, about our website for our baking business.  Right now I'm thinking about the beautiful fall season and our fall holiday cakes and dessert orders that we have coming up and looking forward to working at making this business a success.  I can't thank everyone enough for all of their prayers and support for us.
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