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Beautiful "Sweet & Simple" Layered,

Tradition Pound, Bundt and Sheet Cakes

**Cake flavors listed below**

If you're looking for a "Sweet & Simple" layer cake for your next birthday party, business meeting or to take with you to a family gathering, then look no further. Our cakes are 100% homemade 3 or 4 layered cakes, with a rich, moist cake and homemade icings. Our "Sweet & Simple" cakes are not covered in fondant. You may also choose something more traditional, such as our Bundt pound cakes, which are dense, flavorful and moist. Our delicious Bundt pound cakes need only a dusting of powdered sugar or drizzled with a glaze, and they pair excellent with a scoop of your favorite ice cream or fruit and whipped cream.

Cake Flavors

Bundt Cakes

Icings and Frostings 

American Buttercream or Italian Buttercream

(with natural and/or artificial flavors)

Fruit & Cream Fillings

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